Summer Newsletter

*No Upcoming Birthdays* 

COVID-19 Guidelines

If you would like a copy of the newest COVID 19 guidelines please let me know 

COVID-19 Notice of action

Regarding COVID-19, Childcare providers are getting new guidelines almost daily. We will be implementing a new drop-off routine starting ASAP. I will be sending everyone a copy of the new guidelines. Please expect an additional few minutes during drop-off to go though a quick health screening for each child. Part of the new guideline is that parents are asked to take Childs temperature before drop-off even if child looks fine and has no symptoms, EVERY morning before coming to daycare. If there is a fever of 100* or over, Stay Home. This includes siblings as well Bring child in fresh clothing and wash hands before bring to daycare. Remove shoes and place them outside in the designated area. Upon arrival and after health screening, child will wash hands and/or use hand sanitizer again. This will most likely be our new norm for quite awhile to come. We will continue to do our best here at Mattice Family Daycare to keep a safe, healthy and sanitized home, not only for the best interest of your children, but mine as well. Thank you for doing your part as I continue to do mine.   

Helpful Tips:

 **Remember to wash hands frequently with soap for at least 20 seconds or while they sing the "ABC" song all the way through. 

**Stay home at any sign of cold/flu... Fever, cough, sore throat, eye/nose yuck, or vomiting and/or diarrhea. 

** Wear a mask whenever you must go into town. 


Holidays & Absences 

A full list of holidays and closed days is provided on our website under the Daily Schedule & Holidays 


Let the Summer Fun Begin!
Summer Activities will include
Super Hero's
Oceans of Fun 
Ice-Cream parties
Splish-Splash Water play
Backyard Campouts
At the Beach
Movies with Popcorn
Dance parties
Fairytales Over the Rainbow
Bugs Insects & anything creep crawly
Pizza parties
& More!
 Parent Board Update
We will be adding a Parent/Information board in the front breezeway to let you know when children are running low on supplies. 
Currently all Children will need a set of summer clothes in their cubby...shorts, t-shirt, swim suit and a towel labeled with their name

**Plan Ahead**
Mattice Family Daycare will be Closed 
Monday, June 29th - Friday,July 10th 
for our Summer Break. 
Daycare will resume Monday, July13th