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Closed Monday, May 25th - Memorial Day


If you would like a copy of the newest COVID 19 guidelines let me know 

COVID 19 Notice of action

Regarding COVID 19, Childcare providers are getting new guidelines almost daily. We will be implementing a new drop-off routine starting ASAP. I will be sending everyone a copy of the new guidelines. Please expect an additional few minutes during drop-off to go over health questions and a health screening for each child. Part of the new guideline is that parents are asked to take Childs temperature before drop off even if child looks fine and has no symptoms, EVERY morning before coming to daycare. If there is a fever of 100* or over, Stay Home. Bring child in fresh clothing and wash hands before bring to daycare. Again a more detailed list will be sent to you.   

Cold and Flu Season

 **Remember to wash hands for at least 20 seconds or remind your little to wash while they sing the ABC song all the way through and to wash frequently. 

**Stay home if any sign of cold/flu... cough, sore throat, eye/nose yuck, running a temp, or have vomiting and/or diarrhea. 


Holidays & Absences 

A full list of holidays and closed days is provided on our website under the Daily Schedule & Holidays 


Little Learners Learning Time
*Update to our Little Learners Learning Time:
Because of COVID 19, we have had many changes including very low enrollment and a new homeschooling schedule for my 3 school-age children. At this time we've decided to put our Preschool activities on hold and to have more of a learning through play approach for the remainder of this school year. 

Throughout the school year we work on name, number and letter recognition, encourage learning through exciting themes, practice fine motor skills, self care tasks, manners and social skills, let their creative side shine with fantastic art projects, and of course all the learning though play, imagination and FUN!   


 Parent Board

*Update to Parent board: 
I will text you when an item is needed.

Parents, please check the board. Some littles may need diapers and/or extra clothes restocked in their cubbies. Baby Wipes are always a welcome donation.
Its time to swap Summer clothes with ones for cooler weather.