Days to Remember

Closed Monday, Nov. 11 Veterans Day - Paid day

Closed Thursday& Friday, Nov 28 & 29 Thanksgiving - Paid days


Our Halloween celebration was so much fun! Thank you everyone for participating.


New Friends

We welcome to our new friend Elijah!

Welcome Back Koleton!! 


Cold and Flu Season

 **Remember to wash hands for at least 30 seconds or using the ABC song and to wash frequently. Stay home if running a temp, or have vomiting and/or diarrhea. 

**To keep the spread of germs down use an antihistamine for sneezing, runny nose and congestion. If the child is not feeling good enough to join our daily activities staying home is the best option.     


Holidays & Absences 

A full list of holidays and closed days is provided on our website under the Daily Schedule & Holidays 


Little Learners Learning Time


Throughout the school year we work on name, number and letter recognition, encourage learning through exciting themes, practice fine motor skills, self care tasks, manners and social skills, let their creative side shine with fantastic art projects, and of course all the learning though play, imagination and FUN!   


Calendar Page

I added a new calendar page to my website to let parents see what our plan for the day will be as well as upcoming closures and special celebrations.

 Parent Board
Parents, please check the board. Some littles may need diapers and/or extra clothes restocked in their cubbies. Baby Wipes are always a welcome donation.
Its time to swap Summer clothes with ones for cooler weather.