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The Sun Has decided to shine!

This Spring we are learning the Lifecycle of the Butterfly!

We are currently watching closely as our caterpillars

change before our eyes. The kids love to check their progress every morning as they grow bigger. The caterpillars have made their way to the top of the cup, and we will soon watch as the caterpillars become chrysalides. Soon we will watch as they become butterflies!

We are also watching and learning about the Life Cycle of Ladybugs! They are currently moving into the Pupa stage. Soon we will release dozens of ladybugs into our flower garden.

Did you know ladybugs are considered good luck in many cultures?


EASTER The Easter Holiday is fast approaching!

As a reminder the Daycare will be Closed Friday the 7th and Monday the 10th for our Easter/Spring break.

But first, we CELEBRATE!! Thursday the 6th, we have a super fun day planned to celebrate with all of our friends here at daycare!

We have everything for the party covered but if you would like to bring something, we can always use more pre-filled Easter Eggs to hunt!


Remember First Five Shasta and the Week of the Young Child, April 1st-8th.

We have our artwork displayed at the Tri Counties Bank, Shasta Lake Branch. If you go for a visit, please take a photo of your child with the Display, I would love to add that to our gallery.

I've added a calendar of events. If the link doesn't work let me know.

Download PDF • 11.83MB


Tri Counties Bank Presents a

Piggy Bank Decorating Contest!

I am super excited for this. Mattice Family Daycare

will be entering of course! And we already have all the little

piggies to decorate!

Eight finalists will be shared for voting purposes on the Tri Counties Bank Facebook Page on April 24 through April 27th. You may vote once per day. I will share the link once it's up. Winners will be announced April 28th. Fingers crossed it's one of ours!


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