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Happy 4th Birthday Clay!

Thank you for all you do to raise these amazing little humans!


Daycare Will be Closed Monday, May 29th for Memorial Day


We're gearing up for SUMMER!!

Im sending out Sunscreen permission forms this week. Please return by Tuesday with these Summer items to stay at Daycare:

Lable Everything

Swimming suit


Sunscreen (Unless using what I provide)

Extra set of summer clothes for cubby


I would love for the kids to have these water socks this year.

The artificial turf will get pretty warm so I want to keep something on their feet that will keep feet protected, are easy on/off, can get wet and will dry easily.

You can get these on Amazon now for about $10 a pair. I can share the link


Venmo me the $10 and shoe size and I will get them all at the same time using Amazon Prime. Otherwise, Crocs or flip flop with elastic back will work as well.


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