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Back to School!

August 15th is the first day of School for my Kinders! I'm so sad to see you all go but I'm super excited for your next big step in life! I can't wait to see those "First Day of School" photos.

Drop-Off Reminder

If dropping off littles at 8AM, we ask that you please Do Not Park behind Russell when dropping off. He needs to be able to get out of the driveway to take kids to school. Thank you for understanding.

Little Learners Preschool

We will begin our Preschool Learning Time September 12th

August Birthdays

Easton - 3

Jahni - 2


We have Officially, officially started construction on the house! I apologize in advance for the crazy morning drop-off hassle with parking. Please be patient with us during this time. The end result is going to be so worth it! Thank you!

Upcoming Closed Days

Labor Day Weekend - Closed Monday, Sept. 5th

Friday, October 14th - Closed


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