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Let's wish Jaxon a very special 5th birthday this month.

Happy Birthday Jaxon!

Little Learners Preschool

We're learning so many things in the month of April!

* We will finish up the Alphabet with letters Y & Z

* The Life Cycle of a Plant

* The Life Cylce of a Butterfly

* Earth Day

*All about Spring

I'm planning another fun Summer Camp!

June 6th through August 5th

~First 5 Shasta is celebrating the Week of the Young Child April 2-9, 2022~

Let's celebrate our children! Check out their website for a weeklong of fun events in the area

Mattice Family Daycare artwork (Paper People) will be showcased at the La Cabana Mexican restaurant throughout the month of April so go have a bite to eat and check them out. Please take pics of your little with their artwork and share with me. I would love to see them with their project.

Party Time!

Thursday, April 14th will be our Easter Celebration and Egg Hunt!

Dates to Remember

Daycare will be Closed Friday and Monday, April 15th & 18th for Easter/Spring Break.

Daycare will be Closed Friday, April 22nd as I am scheduled for another hand surgery.

Warm Weather

We should start thinking about changing out the littles warm extra clothes for an extra summer set of clothes for their cubbies. I will be sending home the winter stuff soon.

*I will also be going through the files checking for the sunscreen permission form. If there is already one on file were good unless you need to make changes. Otherwise, I will have you fill out a new form for me.

*If you are ok with your little being barefoot outside, please write me a note to have on file (keeping their shoes on in the summer is near impossible)

Otherwise please provide a well-fitting, easy on/off sandal or flip flop with elastic back that can stay at daycare.

*I will request swimsuits that can stay at daycare toward the end of May.

School Year 2022/23

In order to plan next Falls preschool/daycare openings, please let me know if you plan to enroll your child into school or continue on with me for Preschool in the Fall.


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